The Purpose Of This Website

Solar PowerThis website focuses on solar electric systems for homes and small businesses. We aim to teach you much of what you need to know about solar power systems and write for people who aren’t well versed in solar power or electricity. You won’t need a degree in electrical engineering to understand our website. The ultimate goal is always to create a very informative, user-friendly and educational website.

We have tried to explain the facts and underlying concepts accurately and as clearly as possible. Explaining solar power terms, jargon and concepts as needed, we aim to help you understand how solar power systems work and the advantages and drawbacks that each type of solar power system has.

We aim to provide you with an understanding of the savings and benefits of this renewable energy source as well as an understanding of  feed in tariffs and other government incentives.

When you finish reading the material in this website, it is our hope that you will know a huge amount about solar energy and solar electric systems. Our goal is that you will have the knowledge required to assess your electrical consumption and the solar options at your home. You should know what kind of system you should install, and you’ll have a good knowledge of the key components of solar PV systems.

We aim to create educated and knowledgeable buyers, this website will help you know what to look for when shopping for a PV system or an installer. You’ll also know how solar PV systems are installed and what their maintenance requirements are. This website should also help you develop realistic expectations of what you can gain from a solar power system.

When choosing a solar retailer, it’s important to do your homework and shop around for the best deal. When you choose to hire a solar energy company to install your system, we hope you will be thankful you’ve read the information on this website. The more you know about solar power, its system design, components and installation, the more likely you are to install an efficient high-output system that suits your needs. You’ll likely be very happy with your purchase and enjoy savings and the benefits solar power can provide.

We also aim to provide you with what to watch out for when choosing a solar power installer. Things to watch out for and avoid are the following:

  • Aggressive sales tactics.
  • One size fits all system designs.
  • Large inverters with small systems
  • Over exaggerated claims of payback periods and system performance.
  • Pressure to sign on the spot. With unsolicited sales, you are entitled to a cooling-off period of 10 business days during which you may cancel the contract without penalty.


While all due care has been taken to ensure the data of this website is accurate and current, there may be errors or omissions in it. Brisbane Solar Panels accept no responsibility for the completeness, accuracy or reliability of the data. Brisbane Solar Panels also accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, claim, expense, cost or liability whatsoever (including in contract, tort including negligence, pursuant to statute and otherwise) arising in respect of or in connection with using or reliance upon the data in this website.