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Solar Panel Installation

“And just finally, it might also surprise you to know that nearly 15% of Australian households have solar panels on their roofs. That’s the highest number of solar panels on people’s roofs per capita anywhere in the world.” — Minister for Resources, Energy and Northern Australia, Josh Frydenberg, speaking on Q&A on March 22, 2016

Australia Lures Solar Battery Suppliers

Australia is  the sunniest continent on earth and Tesla, LG and Panasonic are some of the big named solar battery suppliers taking an interest in our country. They’re hoping to tap into a growing market. Bloomberg’s James Paton reports on “Asia Edge.”

Carnarvon residents show solar power can pay

ABC News (Australia)

Originally Published on Apr 13, 2012

Instead of paying for power Carnarvon residents are making money from selling electricity back to their power utility Horizon Power. The uptake of solar has forced Horizon to rethink how they supply power to remote communities.

Australia’s Largest Solar Cells

Melbourne researchers have successfully created Australia’s largest and most flexible solar cells, with the aid of a new printer located at CSIRO. The breakthrough may have far reaching applications, including for public lighting, outdoor signage and mobile power generation.